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Kirarth Corgis
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To the home of Kirarth Corgis!

Since 1995 Kirarth has been breeding and showing our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgis! Through the years we have adopted the use of natural feeding and the use of natural products and homoeopathy for their care. We have bred selectively for soundness and temperament. Combining quality Australian, New Zealand and UK bloodlines. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon!
The Pembroke Corgi originates from the 'Pembrokeshire' county in Wales; in the United Kingdom . PEMBROKE : Welsh for "from the headland or rocky hill" It is thought that the name 'Corgi' has its origins from the Welsh terms COR - from the Welsh meaning 'dwarf'  CI - meaning 'dog' They are a strong, well built & low set dog & still maintain their working instincts. They were originally bred for herding cattle and you can still find them used as work dogs today. Today the Corgi is mainly kept as a companion although he is well suited to the show ring, obedience and agility. The colouring of Corgis range from the Red & White to Sable and Tri Colour. The Tri Colour can have either a red or a black head. Their heads should have a foxy appearance and their expression showing an alertness and intelligence.  Corgi's are long lived. On an average between 12 and 15 years. Australian Law does not allow the docking of tails. Adopted in April 2004